White Sage

White Sage

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White sage is used to clear all energy from a room or space. Think of it as a "reset" or a neutralizer.  It can be used in conjunction with palo santo, which invites positive energy.  Sage is also known to kill airborne bacteria and remove allergens. Sage is also used to clear the energy of crystals, candles, and altars as well as altar supplies and items before any work is done. Bundles come in 9 inch and 4 inch bundles. 

    Light the sage with a match or lighter just enough to start a slow smoke emission. Should it catch fire while lighting, blow it to out quickly and allow the slow stream of smoke to continue while cleansing your items or space.  If the sage does not go out on it's own after use, sand can be used.   When allowing the sage to burn, a fireproof bowl or abalone shell can be used


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