Alexias Adesina is proud to assist you with your spiritual work needs at affordable prices and with care for each individual situation. I currently have a small selection of spiritual supplies to help out on your spiritual journey. I take each client's situation seriously and treat everyone with respect. I don't judge,  I only guide and assist.


Spiritual Services

Below are the spiritual services we currently offer. Click the button below for more detailed descriptions.

Dream Interpretations

I want all of my clients to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Adesina Olayinka. All of my services exist to make your life easier and stress to minimize stress. You can trust me to supply you with the best products, as well as top quality customer service.


Spiritual Workings

​All spiritual workings are customized to fit your situation and desire. This can range from improving communication with a partner to sweetening up a marriage or relationship to finances to general love work and everything in between these examples. While I don't recommend love spells to make someone love you who has never even noticed or had feelings for you I can do these spells. I am not responsible for the outcome. It's best to not work these spells against a person's free will. 

Spiritual Consultation

Consultations are done to get an idea of the right services and products to get you the best results for your current situation.  This is also done before any workings are done on your behalf so that I can tailor and customize the work to meet your individual need. THIS IS NOT A READING.


Intuitive Readings

My intuitive readings are for individuals who hope to gain insight into a situation whether it's romantic, career-based, personal, etc. Think of the readings as a form of guidance and/or confirmation. Consultation fee included in pricing. 

To proceed with your readings, consultations and workings, feel free to call, chat or email so all info needed can be obtained.



We are all capable of tapping into that magical and spiritual part of ourselves to get where we need to be in life.  It takes time, patience, a willingness to be open-minded and faith in one's self to get to a point where we can use our special human abilities to achieve our goals and manifest our desires. My goal is to provide insights, tools and supplies needed to help my clients succeed!

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